Setting Inspiring Goals - An Act of Courage!

Most people set goals to please other people.

Their boss, their parents, their spouses, their friends.....sometimes even for their children.

When you set a goal to please another, it's all about what you "should" be doing, not about what you "want" to be doing.

An "Inspiring" Goal is different.

You are the only person it needs to inspire. It doesn't have to please anyone else. It doesn't even need to make sense to anyone else.

Most people set goals to please other people....people who set inspiring goals are like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Picasso, Nelson Mandela, Mother name a few.

Most people didn't understand their goals - but they did.

Most people didn't believe they could achieve them......but they did.

Most people get to stay ordinary by setting goals to try to please others.

People who set inspiring goals get to be extraordinary and discover strengths and powers within themselves, way beyond what they ever imagined having.

Are you interested in setting some Inspiring goals for yourself?

We help people do this every day....and all it will cost you is a half hour on the phone or skype.

Do something exciting for yourself and give us a call!

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