How Powerful are you....Really?

You have heard all the stories about people bringing up enormous strengths and qualities in response to extraordinary situations.

The mother who stops the rolling car from running her child over, the man who lifts up the car to save his wife...you know the stories!

Bottom line: we are so much more capable that what we could even believe.

Robin told me this amazing story from an inspiring speaker at a recent conference he'd attended. It's got me thinking about the unlimited resouces have at our disposal.

The story is about a man who was set upon by robbers in the Amazon and who was left to die alone in the jungle.

The man woke up in a terrible state, in pain and without any food, water or resources - there was no hope of surviving in this man's heart - he thought: "I'm going to die here!"

But then he heard a woman's sobbing and he propped himself up and saw a woman not far from him, who was in a far worst state than him.

He came over to her, made her comfortable and started to build her a shelter. He put her in there and left to find food.

He brought back the food and came back to her, making her comfortable, feeding her and nursing her back to health.

This went on for four days - his situation and health had improved significantly and on the fourth day...he suddenly realised that she was a figment of his imagination.

Who was she? he wondered....who was thinking of me? he questioned....it all didn't make any sense, but the truth was, he had found a reason to survive himself.

The other truth there is, is that if there is someone else to take care of, oftentimes that is a great reason to continue your own survival.

I am in awe at the unlimited powers of our Being.

I challenge you to stretch right out there and discover all of your amazing qualities and strengths.

Leigh Paulden showed me this great quote - I'll get the full version for you in another post - but it (paraphrased) was all about: "Challenging circumstances don't make the man - they reveal who the man really is..."

You don't get to find this stuff out by playing in your comfort zone.

These challenging times are an opportunity to discover so much more about who you really are!

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