The Story of Rumplestiltskin and your Unconcious Thoughts & Beliefs holding you to Ransom.

Once upon a time, there was a hardworking girl who was crying and wishing she was the queen and didn’t have to work hard anymore. A little gnome heard her cries and came out and told her he would grant her wish if she would give him her first born child.

She agreed and he put his magic to work, and sure enough, she met the king, he fell in love with her, made her queen and got her pregnant. She carried her child and fell in love with it.

The day the child was born the gnome came and picked the child up. The new queen cried and howled so hard, he stopped before going out the door and said: “You can have your baby back if you can tell me what my name is when I come back tomorrow morning!”

She started desperately saying names: “John – Mark – Chris – Reuben – Peter!” but he only shook his head. “If you tell me what my name is, you get the baby back, if you don’t, I keep the baby!” She cried & cried. He had the upper hand. He had complete control over her. He was pulling her strings and pushing her buttons.

Sir Lancelot heard her cries and asked her what was wrong. She told him and he set off to follow the gnome back to his home. He found the gnome in the forest, dancing around a fire, singing a happy little song: “She’ll never know my name, I’ll get to keep the baby, she’ll never know my name, my name is Rumplestiltskin – she’ll never know my name!” Sir Lancelot left the gnome to his fire, his singing and his dancing and went straight back to the Queen and told her the gnome’s name.

The next day, when the gnome returned with the baby & confidently asked the queen what his name was, she with equal confidence replied: “Why your name is Rumplestiltskin of course!” He handed the baby over to her gnashing his teeth, having to obey her knowledge of who he was.

That’s how your unconscious mind works. You have thoughts and beliefs that operate under your conscious thinking. In fact they do their best work of influencing you by being under your radar. They hold your conscious mind to ransom by you not being aware of what they are doing.

The only time you get to have free choice in the matter of an unconscious thought holding you to ransom, is when you recognise it for what it is and you acknowledge it and name it. Just like the queen, when she named Rumplestiltskin, when you are aware of and name your unconscious motivation, you are free from your bondage to them.

The guys at Alchoholics Anonymous have it right. "Hi, my name is the Queen. I made a deal with this guy called Rumplestiltskin and he's been holding me to ransom."

Say that, and you have free choice again.....at least for half an hour!

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