Beware of the Death by a Thousand Cuts.

It happens when you step outside of your comfort zone,

People see you and jealousy starts running their veins green,

All their excuses and reasons for living an empty life sounding really hollow...

Their knives begin to be sharpened, the tall poppy about to be pruned,

The only problem is that you have become a giant since you left your comfort,

Their normal ways of controlling you have no effect, a new strategy is needed...

Enter the "Death by a Thousand Cuts"....a process whereby little people destroy giants by...

In Gulliver's Travels, Jonathon Swift has Gulliver awaken to find himself roped to the ground by hundreds of tiny ropes, tied by tiny hands....

In Fountainhead, Ayn Rand has the real hero's stitched up by committees and associations....

In real life, real hero's are taken down all the time by the forces not of darkness, but of mediocrity.

So, beware, be careful, choose your battles, protect your back, make sure you have real friends on your side - Death by a thousand cuts may be a slow process, but you have to recognise it before it's too late!

The world doesn't need more heroes - but that doesn't mean you don't get to be one!

Just keep your eyes open to the effect that freedom and power has on the people around you!

P.S.- Speaking of freedom and power - I can't believe my luck! In writing this post, I discovered this very timely interview with Ann Raynd - amazing reading this in the face of recent circumstances with the American economy - enjoy!
I couldn't get the video embedded so here's the link:

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attitudespecialist. said...

HI Mike

So True, So true. I love the way you are turning around people's thinking so they can create thier potential. A diamond in the sand you are. Janice