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And the reason I'm celebrating this is because of a client of mine who I have worked with this morning.

This amazing man has grasped the coaching process in a way that really inspires me.

He absolutely owns that what he is doing is inviting his own best wisdom and his own best strength and courage to come on out and speak their mind.

And that's what happens every session.

We go through the process, checking in to his progress and we do all the things that we do in a coaching session.....and then it happens!

Suddenly he is talking from his own sweet spot. His own inner voice demands our attention, issuing insights distilled right down to essence.

The clarity takes your breath away. And it's lyrical too! He talks with such metaphor and analogy that it's like a poetry reading in parts.

And finishes and stops and our time with his being is complete.

Boy - this is why I love to coach - just to be in the space of this phenomena - to feel the wind on my cheeks from a Being in full self expression!

To realise that we all have this ability - to allow our Beings to speak to us, to access their point of view and their wisdom - our very own oracles to help guide and advise us to create wondrous works in our lives.

And it's from these flights with beings that I write in this blog. Sharing my experiences without naming their source, my aim and hope is that you somehow connect with your own inner Being, your own oracle, your own wisdom, clarity and strength..

Let me know when you do!

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