Living life without a Vision.

I heard a pastor on the weekend talk about the importance of living a life of vision, that a life with vision allows you to transcend your personal comfort/discomfort and preferences/dislikes as well as whatever circumstances you find yourself in.

I must be being around leaders too much, because it now takes me effort to even conceive of what a life without vision must be like.

And certainly, would my clients be able to endure their challenges, be determined enough to hang in there and achieve the amazing results that they do or even to be emotionally strong enough to stay on the emotional roller-coasters that amazing and inspiring goals and projects take you on?

A life without a vision implies to me a life based on living in a box of good/bad, right/wrong, better than/less than - stuck in false parameters.

It also seems to be about personal comfort, personal preferences and personal safety.

How amazing is a Vision's effect on a human! Definitely it is the entry point into the Being!

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