Leadership is different to Managing people!

Ah - leadership!

Not many people understand the difference between being a manager and being a leader.

So let's just contrast some of the main differences.

A leader focuses on the vision - where we want to go - where we are going, whereas a manager focuses on implementing the "how we are going to get there", making the strategy happen.

A leader develops the strategy and the manager works the strategy.

A leader focuses on the big picture and the manager deals with the details.

A leader focuses on making sure the manager stays on track and keeps them accountable and focused on the important things. A manager focuses on making sure their team is performing and getting the needed results as well as the overall project is moving forward on time.

An experienced manager often gets promoted to the role of the leader.

It really helps if the manager makes the distinctions between the two roles and lives into being the best leader they can be.

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