Leaders - how to segment and plan your communications to your supporters!

Every leader has diverse groups of supporters with diverse agendas.

Alexander the Great was really good at this. He could speak multiple languages and communicated directly to each of his ethnically diverse groups of supporters.

English is a language that is heard differently by four different types of people.

Every leader has the challenge of communicating with each of the groups in their language and taking their agenda’s into consideration.

Unifying groups behind you often means having separate and quite different conversations to express your intentions and achieve your aspirations.

Use this table to analyse and separate each of your diverse groups with in your supporters, so that you can tailor make your communication to each group.

You may even wish to address each group separately when the time to deliver comes.

Question 1: What is your message in your own words? What outcome do you want?

Question 2: Describe each group in your supporters.

Question 3: Describe each group's particular agenda.

Question 4: Describe your communication objective with each group.

Question 5: Write your communication in words that they will understand and relate to.

If you want a copy of the worksheet, email me.

I'm not sure if Alexander the Great did this, but I do know plenty of leaders that use a process like this to unify their bunch of lonesome heros into a cohesive force to be reckoned with.

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