The Disappearing Coach!

When you ask a question,

- not just any question - the right question!

It's gotta hit the Sweet Spot, then

Your listener starts to look within.....

You can see it happening, their attention turning,

To churning over the question, their breathing changes,

Their eye movements give away clues of turning

within, within, their attention turns within....

.....and you disappear for them - you no longer exist,

You no longer matter, your job has been done and

all you have to do is sit and wait for them to come back into the

room bearing insights, epiphanies and their own clarity.

Of course you are asking them all manner of questions

to guide them, to help them focus deeper, higher, or wider

to keep them on track...for the prizes within,

But the truth is, for them, you are just a voice in the distance,

You no longer matter to them as they swoop and swerve within,

Dancing with their own solutions, ideas and distinctions,

Partying with their own sweet sweet genius,

....I do my best work when I disappear!

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