About Denial - what does it do to us?

Denial places her hand over our eyes,
fills our ears with cotton,
talkes our judgement prisoner
and puts us on automatic pilot!

You don't listen to what others are saying - especially if it's about what you don't want to know about!

You don't see your situation clearly - you are either fascinated with tiny details or you are completely vaugue.

Obsession often happens, with you clutching at straws or trying to push your barrow up very steep inclines without thinking about costs or consequences...

Or you find yourself trying to express what's happening in your blog in the name of contributing to others, when you should be doing something else!

There's more coming where this one came from - thanks for tuning in!

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Deb Robertson Writes said...

Thanks for being real! Just keep on being real on your blog, that is what we read it for.