You know how they train fleas - don't you?

If you don't, it's really simple.

In their natural habitat, fleas are passionate about jumping free and spontaneously!

They are a creature who leaps fearlessly wherever they please - they love it!

To train a flea, you simply get a number of glass jars of varying heights.

You place the flea in the jar, and immediately they take one of their wonderful jumps and OUCH! They hit their head on the top of the jar.

Dazed by this, they take another leap and OUCH! Again they hit their head.

After doing this for how ever long it takes, the flea adjusts itself to it's circumstances and measures it's leap to fall short of the top of the jar. In fact, if you have a long, tall, narrow jar, they will leap straight up in the air to avoid banging into the sides.

Get them used to this and when you take the jar away, the flea will continuously leap to the same height in the same way, over and over and over and over and over again.

The flea is now trained.

But wait! Look at the flea jumping - there's no passion, no joy, no freedom.

.....The flea is now trained.

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