Seven Coaching Mindsets of a Great Coach!

A coach really needs to maintain awareness of what they are doing if they want to be a Great Coach. Here's seven of those things:
  1. Mediocrity is a Sin! Be Extraordinary in everything you do - be Sharp, be Organised - be Open - just be the Amazing You!
  2. A coach is a coach. A friend is a friend. Mix these up at your peril. Defend your client from any need or expectation you have for friendship. Uphold the power of the one way relationship so you can be truly effective, especially when the chips are down!
  3. Dance, Dance, Dance in the moment! Don't focus too much on your agenda, the technique or even on being a great coach - just dance in the moment and bring your client to their own outcome, their own process - honor their process!
  4. Acknowledge, Acknowledge, Acknowledge your client! Go beyond Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, Better then/Less than - don't give pathetic manipulating compliments - tell them how you see them!
  5. Always listen for what's important for your client! Strain to hear their values, their purpose and their passion - you will find they live in the spaces between their words!
  6. Never, Never, Never go in for the Rescue! Your job is to Support. You support someone when you help them find their own answers, their own strength, their own strategies.
  7. Always build structure around your conversations with your client. Let the structure support your dancing and your client's process.

.......and above all, bring your human experience to every session. Every weakness, every stuff up you have ever done, every shortcoming you a contribution to your client. A coach is not perfect - a coach is someone who is helping their client see their greatness in the context of their own unique process. Just honor their process, share your experiences only when necessary and help them be the amazing person that they are!

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