Awareness is the sledgehammer that allows you to see what's real!

Your perception is being influenced under your radar…….
- You know what happens when a train stops suddenly.

All the carriages crash one by one into the locomotive – Bang!-bang!-bang!-bang!-bang!

......And that’s what happens to us on a daily basis as we encounter and experience reality.

Every piece of reality has connections to our past – they remind us of past events and decisions we made, long ago, as a result of our experience of this event.

Just like the railway carriage, they bang into our locomotive, adding a spin to our perception of what is actually happening. This creates our perception of reality, which if unexamined, becomes our reality! This really is Real!

Every day, we are being influenced by decisions we made at much younger ages, made in a different time, under different circumstances and with a limited understanding. And these decisions are influencing us with information from totally difference contexts, that we somehow add to our decision making process.

Sometimes this process creates a vicious cycle whereby the past repeats it self in our lives.

Sometimes this process has nothing to do with our goals or who we are right now – sometimes this process gets in the way of us achieving our goals and our being who we are in the moment!

Being aware is the key to freedom here.

Being aware of the carriages that are crashing into your locomotive give you the sledgehammer in your hands you can smash the concrete of the realities you have created and taken for granted.

You can re evaluate those attitudes in the light of the day. You can then accept what's resourceful and reject what's not.

When you can see what’s working under the radar, you get your power of choice back!

When you have your power of choice back, you can create the reality you really want! Reality is really that plastic and malleable!

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